Best handmade baby gifts ideas!

Best handmade baby gifts ideas!

There’s no better way to show you care than by giving a handmade baby gift. The present can be practical or silly, simple or intricate. No matter its characteristics, when you make something using your creativity, it's personal and heartfelt. What a better idea for a baby shower gift than do it your own!

 You don’t need to be a master crafter to make something nice. The internet is filled with easy to make DYI baby gifts ideas to help you put together something you can be proud of. Some of our favorite ideas for handmade baby gifts come from mom/artist/entrepreneur bloggers who have shared instructions for their creations.

 Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Two-Piece Leggings

Baby clothing tends toward simple shapes. That makes them easy to reverse-engineer. Using the instructions on "Everything Golden" and an existing pair of baby pants, you can make some great little leggings. You’ll trace a pattern, cut out the leggings and sew a few seams. Before you know it, your gift is ready to wrap. For an infant, you'll need less than half a yard of fabric.

Headband for Girls

For a twist, literally, on a little girl's headband, make the Knotted Baby Turban as seen on "The Sara Project." This quick project uses knit fabric with a good amount of stretch. Turbans have an old-Hollywood sort of glamor, but on a baby, they just look adorable. The little cutie in the photo looks ultra chic in her matching turban and leggings. Sara also has instructions for the leggings, so check out another take on making these staples.

Natural Baby Balm

The list of ingredients on some commercial diaper creams is as long as it is incomprehensible. You can make a simple and effective cream thanks to the tutorial on the "Premeditated Leftovers" blog. The recipe comes in two versions: basic and whipped. The basic version contains just beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter. We think this balm would sooth a baby's tender skin as well as a parent's chapped hands. Add the finished product to a nice looking jar wrapped with a ribbon.

Bowtie for Boys

Bowties never go out of style. You can make a little man a basic clip-on bowtie using the instructions here. While you're at it, why not make a matching one for Dad? Learn how with this illustrated step-by-step guide. If you prefer a snap-on bow, check out this tutorial. To add both a bowtie and suspenders to a onesie, follow the tutorial here.


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