Shabby chic baby outfit

Shabby Chic: Vintage Baby Clothes That’s Irresistibly Adorable

Shabby Chic: Vintage Baby Clothes That’s Irresistibly Adorable

 You’ve seen it everywhere, especially if you’re in Portland and other cities of the Pacific Northwest: summer-time fashion that’s the perfect combination of new and old-fashioned.

 This style, which is irresistible to all who wear it, is otherwise known as shabby chic.

 Shabby chic is both new and antique, vintage-inspired, and evokes a distinguished feminine feeling. The colors are often pastels or faded, with the palette including lavender, white, antique rose, gray and pale blue.

Why is shabby chic great for babies?

 Do you know what delights us as parents? When we buy a dress, or bib for our baby and they are actually disappointed when it’s time to take it off (of course we don’t like to see them sad, but it’s nice they love their clothing so much).

This happens with shabby chic clothing. When your baby wears it, is the type of style where everyone who sees it will stop you and let you know how pretty your baby looks.

Not to mention, the fabrics are very agreeable with young ones. They love how it isn’t itchy, it’s light, and often trimmed with ruffles or lace. The material stretches nicely, so it is flexible in sizing.

What type of look does shabby chic convey?

Parents love it for one reason, amongst many: it conveys old-fashioned values.

It’s somehow sophisticated yet simple at the same time. It’s elegant and precious, beautiful yet functional. Most impressively, it’s a timeless look but doesn’t make your baby look a day older. In short, they’re clothes that your baby can’t wait to wear.


When’s the best time to buy/wear it?


It’s an ideal fashion for spring and summer months. Here are some of the specific events where parents buy shabby chic clothing:


  • first birthday parties
  • old time photo shoots
  • rustic-themed events (like weddings)
  • spring and summer outings

 You can buy shabby chic for many types of clothing. Examples beyond dresses are:

  • headbands
  • bibs
  • diaper covers

 Shabby chic isn’t just fashion either. You can look for this style when shopping for bedding, furniture, even nursery decor.


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