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5 Tips to choose your family photo outfits


It's not easy getting everyone in the family dressed and ready for a family photo. Portraits are that extra special photo session that you'll likely want to frame and share with friends and extended family. These pictures are destined for the mantelpiece, gallery wall and scrapbook. Naturally, you want everyone, from parents to infants, looking their best.

 Choose clothing for your family to match the mood you want to express. Sometimes you want a playful photo. Other times, you may want something formal. No matter what attitude you're going for, follow these tips to ensure your family is ready for the camera.


How to Dress for a Family Portrait

For a portrait, you want everyone to be nicely dressed and groomed. You also want the family to feel as good as they look, so it's important to dress them in clothing that isn't too fussy or restrictive.


1.Keep Kids Comfy

Tension show up in people's faces. Dress your kids in clothing comfortable for sitting, standing and interacting with one another. For older children, this means outfits that aren't too delicate or fancy. Kids should be able to move freely and play. Dress babies in clothes that keep them dry and warm. Be prepared for a diaper change mid-photo session and bring a coordinating drool bibs if your baby is teething.


2.Dress for the Setting

You'll dress differently depending on where the photo shoot takes place. For example, if you're in a park in fall, sweaters, boots and cold-weather gear make for a fun outdoorsy look. If you're on the beach in warm weather, don't be afraid to dress the part. Adults and kids can wear shorts or sundresses. A baby will look adorable wearing just bloomers and a cute bib. Why cover up those chubby legs when it's warm!


3.Plan Ahead

Choose outfits for each person a week or so before the photo session. If it's been awhile since an item was worn, make sure it still fits. Lay out the clothes on a bed, table or floor. Stand back and decide whether the colors and styles look good together. Once you make a selection, put the clothing away until the day of the photoshoot.

 4.Don't Wear Loud Patterns and Colors

Your family members are the stars of the show, not their neon or boldly patterned clothes. Simple patterns and muted colors fade to the back, drawing attention to faces. Wear classic rather than trendy styles. In a few months, trendy clothing looks dated.


5.Coordinate Clothing

Parent's and kids' attire should complement one another. Some families like to wear matching outfits. But, if you want a natural and representative photo, don't wear identical outfits.

 A portrait is a memento that sparks warm memories each time you see it. In years to come, you'll look at these photos and marvel at how small your kids were, or how long your spouse's hair was, or how cute the baby looked in her romper and booties.


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